Mindful Calming Toolkits

Happy Holidays! This holiday season I created Mindful Calming Toolkits for each of my clients! They were fun to make and WELL received!

Mindful Calming Toolkit : all kinds of great tools!

Mindful Calming Toolkit: all kinds of great tools!

In session, we often talk about our imaginary tool-belts filled with our go-to tools for when we need them. In my magical thinking, mine is black sequins and filled with all kinds of nifty things like a mind jar, a singing bowl, scented markers and bubbles! I thought, though, to start 2017 off on an especially healing calm note, I'd bring these imaginary tool-belts to life by collecting all kinds of wonderful, tangible, go-to resources for when each of my little clients need a little calm in their lives. And don't we all at some point?

Here's what the Mindful Calming Toolkits I created included. There are lots of great resources out there, so have fun with it and include those things are meaningful for you! And remember......enjoy the calm this holiday season and may your 2017 be filled with many mindful moments of laughter. love and joy! Happy Holidays and New Year! With great gratitude, jen

  • Glitter Balls: amazing glitter balls! Just like our mind jars but easily transportable and non-breakable. When we swirl the glitter (just like our swirling big feelings and emotions in our mind), we can take a mindful moment to let it all the glitter settle (breathing in and out our heart rate slows and the swirling feelings and emotions settle too) and we can see through the water clearer (our mind clears). When our mind clears we can CHOOSE to control our emotions......choosing how to respond with intention!
  • Bubbles: Imperial Super Miracle Bubbles are my favorite. They are slightly scented which just increases our desire to breathe in deeply! Try blowing out slowly to slow heart rate and make super big bubbles.
  • Squeezey Stress Balls: fill a balloon with flour (I do it the old fashioned way....a spoon and funnel), knot and then squash, squeeze and maneuver the filled balloon into a second balloon to ensure damage control should one of the balloons tear.
  • Level: got a bunch of these great little key chains as a promotional tool from a vendor at a local hardware store and then also found them online! They're wonderful! Simply rest in the palm of your and take a deep breath in/long exhale while you slowly move your hand until the bubble rests in the middle of the lines --- you did it! You're level!
  • Mindful Marbles: two little playful mindful reminders that are perfect for inside the backpack or to reach for in your pocket when you need them! Cloud always helps us remember to use our breath to regulate our voice, body language, words and actions!
  • Bunchems: I originally found these in a museum gift shop, but now they're available online! Tactile, sensory calming fidget...you can use them in a bunch or simply stick two in your pocket to use as a school fidget! I especially encourage clients when they're feeling particularly dysregulated to rub one up their arm or between two palms. Instant "reset"! And they won't get ruined if thrown in to the wash by accident. PLEASE please avoid contact with hair! When naughty they can be knotty!
  • Mr. Sketch Scented Markers and a notepad: thrown into the Calming Toolkit is a little notepad and a few scented markers. Scribble, sketch, draw....all as you slow your breath by breathing in the calming scent. Love it! Mr. Sketch even has banana scented markers!
  • Finally, and one of the best tools, Calming Cards: Taken from a variety of resources, I printed and laminated some go-to tools that clients could grab when they need them. Printed on the front and back, they include my very own Self-Calming Tool list, Calming Strategy Cards, STOPP tool (Stop, Take a breath, Observe, Pull Back/Get Perspective, Proceed), Size of the Problem chart, Zones of Regulation and self-affirmations.