Mindfulness provides a tool for creating a space between BIG feelings and BIG reactions.....

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Children have big feelings and with that sometimes come big reactions. Mindful tools teach children to put a little space between their big feelings and those quick, impulsive, instant, big reactions.

It's in that little space that we can control what we do (i.e.. respond) instead of our feelings being in control of what we do (i.e.. react).

With a personal mindful practice for over 20 years, I bring mindful tools into both the therapeutic room, as well as elementary schools in Marin County, California. Mindfulness is a form of attention, an inner awareness, which can be applied during any activity throughout the day. We can use mindfulness when we're seeing, hearing, walking, eating, playing, test-taking, etc. It is not about clearing your mind. The purpose is to notice what is happening in the present moment in an effort to choose our response while increasing self-awareness, emotional balance, impulse control, fear modulation and overall focus. Being mindful strengthens positive human qualities like empathy, kindness, trust, generosity and patience.

making way for a thoughtful response as opposed to an impulsive instant reaction.

Trained by Mindful Schools to teach mindfulness to students in grades K-12, I am excited to offer this curriculum to complement any school's existing social and emotional programming. Taught in sixteen 15-minute sessions, the benefits to students, and therefore the entire school, include:

  • Increased focus and concentration, especially with today's increased use of technology

  • Increased self awareness in an effort to recognize and process emotions and feelings

  • Improved impulse control by creating space to respond versus react

  • Reduced anxiety/stress through self-soothing and self-regulating

  • Increased empathy and understanding of self…..and others

  • Increased skillful responses to big difficult emotions

Mindful Sun Valley School

Mindful Sun Valley School